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Holding on to Childhood Memories (Lest we forget)
That first day of movement on legs that
previously scraped the carpet floor.
That first day at a local nursery school
where Mummy’s tears meant her departure;
then later that more

Speak Before You Think
Close your mind and open your mouth
Swill a glass of ruby wine several times
Then speak before you think
Addressing everyone from north and south.

Your thinking only holds more

The Night
The night brings on our fears
Wetting our eyes with emotion filled tears
No longer allowing light to show the way
Through the troubles of the day.

Now blackness sits more

The Tolling Of The Bell
Oh, heart why lie around earth’s dusty grave?
When life still beats with healthy shell,
Tis not the time to rant and rave
But to obey the healing cell.

Hopefully more

Growing Old
Time hides like an unseen shadow
Moving stealthily and unnoticed,
While the ravages of age are
Left behind, staining our souls
With deep foreboding scars. more

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